What were the most difficult parts of Elixir for you to learn?

I’m curious about what people find most difficult to learn about Elixir. I’m from a php / ruby background.

Pattern matching and immutable data were very simple for me to adjust to. I was a big proponent of single responsibility and that flows very naturally into Elixir for me.

On the other hand, I have to go back to the docs every single time I want to use associations with Ecto. I end up avoiding put_assoc and cast_assoc.

Macros… I feel like I need a lot more practice with them. I never seem to use quote/unquote properly when I write them. My head doesn’t think in ASTs yet.

How about everyone else? What concepts are especially challenging?

Yeah … macros.

@law: Please see: Elixir’s biggest gotchas? thread.

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