What were your first thoughts about Elixir?

…and have your opinions changed? If so in what way?

First thought?

“Hey, FP ruby!”, and this thought faded very quickly…

I don’t think that I need to explain why :wink:

Today I do think about Elixir as a language of its own. I am trying to not compare it to other languages, because whenever I try to compare one language to another, I do mix up idioms or even bits of syntax.

Believe me, comming from lazy-haskell and then trying to construct an infinity range in ruby does hurt… Twice at least (the first time when the interpreter tells you that 1.. is missing something and the second time when 1..very_big_number starts to swap away)

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It reminds me of ML which was the best thing that I learned when studying computer science and which I never thought that I’d ever get to use in practical applications.

Still feels about right.