What's new in Ecto 2.0 Free ebook

Don’t miss What’s new in Ecto 2.0 written by José Valim and other members of Plataformatec team.


Nice find Denis :023:

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Best parts of “What’s New in Ecto 2.0”

Plataformatec’s official book about the newest Ecto revamp is finally out and it’s a must-read for any serious Elixir/Rails developer.

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I want to download ecto book but do not receive any link for download. Could someone help me?


I think you’ll receive a link when it’s complete.

You can use a form for getting you copy of the book.

Also just wanna say that the book is a fantastic resource. What I love the most is to have the embedded_schemas to work with and then really do a mapping to the database manually - goodbye forms dominated by how my database schema looks! :slight_smile:

Recommended reading for everyone, really!

SO it is not completed yet?

You will receive link to book as it is for today.

I think the book is done now, it’s out of beta it’s the final version, e.g. it claimed to be “first edition” on the 16th and all chapters are there :slight_smile:

The sample code for a todo app on p. 51 has module MyApp.Project which contains schema “todo_lists”. Why not “projects”?

Does anyone receive the book. I did not receive at all.
I checked in spam folder and could not find it either.


I have received.

I did receive it too. On both mails i registered to, me company and private one.