What's the best books this days to Elixir and its ecosystem?

I’m in the middle of Programming Elixir and looking for my next book. I was thinking about these:

  • Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP and Phoenix
  • Designing for Scalability with Erlang/OTP
  • Designing Elixir Systems with Otp
  • Programming Ecto

I’ll not get these four, at least not now, but I don’t know maybe one or two would be nice. What are your suggestions?

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Elixir in Action
Phoenix in Action


+1 For Elixir in Action. Was very popular in our book club.

The only other thought is maybe consider Programming Ecto or Testing Elixir (in beta) since those are more broad. Feel like Elixir in Action might be repeating a lot of what you just learned in Programming Elixir.

Best of luck!

Go for these 2. You won’t regret.

  • Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP and Phoenix
  • Designing Elixir Systems with Otp

It is an Eye Opener on how Elixir apps should be designed and developed.




It depends,

Programming Ecto is the only book in your list without Otp in it, it’s database specific, and You might be surprised it looks like Linq. You need to know Ecto well to manage database, and it’s quite complicate at first.

All the rest is about OTP, so it might be worth noting your list is not complete…

  • Elixir in Action
  • the little Elixir/OTP guidebook

As You have mentionned lua in your bio, You might as well look into Erlang, and find luerl. And the only book in Erlang in your list is worth the reading, as it teaches You the root of Elixir, Erlang.

You need to consider functional programming, as it is different from what we usually know. The remaining books You mentionned are more focused on that, good functional design.

Sorry, it does not limit your choices. That means the ecosystem is rich :slight_smile:

PS: You should ask for free videos resources… my personal choices (in the order I watched them…)

  • Kent university Erlang master classes
  • Functional design pattern, by Scott Wlaschin
  • The soul of Erlang and Elixir, by @sasajuric

All of them available on YT, and curiously not focused on Elixir at all.