What's the best datacenter to have great latency for US, UK & India?

I deployed on Render, and chose a further datacenter to see the latency.

  • Oregon, USA
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Ohio, USA
  • Singapore

Please suggest best option, based on experience.

If you’d like good, uniform latency for those 3 locations, I believe you’d have to have 3 data centres, one for the Americas, one for India/APAC, and one for the UK/EU.

If you can only have 1 DC, I’d go with where you have most paid user traffic.


I’m using Render.com, which can only deploy apps in one location.

This app is currently a tools site, but I want to move my Ghost blog to Elixir later. I get readers from US, UK & India mostly. So I was thinking of placing the server in the center. :sunglasses:

Can’t the cloud float to the middle of the ocean? :sweat_smile:

My Phoenix Live View Tools Site:


Can you open this site and see the latency at the top right corner?


P.S. I was thinking I need 4 or 10 or 100 ms latency for my app to feel great. But honestly, I don’t mind the 400ms latency I’m seeing from India.

I used this, and it seems the Ohio location would be great.

Lol, Ohio is 100ms slower than Oregon. I don’t know how.