What's the best solution for reusable view components?

I’ve got two models, Chores and Users, as part of a little chore-tracking CRUD app. When you go to the index route for either model, I display all the entries in pretty similar forms: a <table> with a <th> row and each database entry as a <tr> row.

As part of the app, when you view a single user (i.e. /users/:id), you can see all the chores that this user needs to take care of. I display these chores using the exact same table as I do at /chores, just with a filtered set of rows.

Here’s my problem: now I’ve got two different files (single_user.html and chores.html) that have the exact same code, and I have to worry about keeping them in sync. I would love to pull this code out somewhere, and in both of these places do something like @import chores-table and just pass in different lists.

I’m basically brand-new to Phoenix – maybe there’s a really obvious way to do this that I’m missing. Or maybe there are lots of ways! How do you make reusable components for your views?

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The guides are a good place to start:


You’d create a separate file with the common parts and then render that from both of the files that use them, passing the list of chores in the last argument