What's the current goto http client for Elixir now days?

I haven’t done much api stuff with Elixir in a while. What’s the current http_client library of choice for Elixir? I think last time I messed around with it; it was Finch.

I was initially against Finch but it grew on me; being a bit more manual allowed me to control anything and everything and it didn’t even take long to write a few HTTP client modules with certain specifics.

But when I am in a rush I go for Tesla with Finch underneath.

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I reach for Req anytime I need an http client. It’s built on top of finch and is dead simple to use


For general use-cases I use HttpPoison, mostly because it is very well documented, allows for generic requests that require no setup and configurable requests, and because 6 years ago this was the only decent http client in elixir (at least this is what I remember).