What's the difference between Phoenix Framework and Phoenix Live View?

What’s the different between Phoenix Framework and Phoenix Live View,

Do I need Live View for make an Phoenix App, or Do only use Phoenix Framework all my need is covered by that this framework

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Hey, basically Phoenix Live View is an addition to the Phoenix Framework.

Phoenix by itself supports everything you might need to build a web app, so not every projects needs Liveview.
What Liveview offers is a simpler way to build SPA (Single page applications) using elixir. In general liveview is a pleasure to work with, but you don’t need to use it if you want to start simple.


Phoenix is a “normal” server side web framework (like Django or Rails and such).

It receives a HTTP-request (most likely from the browser) and answers with a HTTP-response.
This is an easy approach and good enough for many tasks, but it can become kind of silly (and slow) to replace the whole page if you just want to increase a number for example.

Normally you would add some client side JS (or JS framework) to handle stuff like that. But this brings loads of problems and complexity.

LV makes web development dynamic, without adding complexity. LV does not send complete pages in its response but just the difference and some JS code (and morphdom) on the client is used to update the page.

See here: The Lifecycle of a Phoenix LiveView