What's your hiring process?

I am curious to know what’s the hiring process for those teams/organizations that use Elixir in their stack.

  • How many rounds of interviews?
  • How do you evaluate an engineer’s skillset and experience?
  • How do you evaluate engineering level (junior/mid/senior/lead)?
  • Do you ask leetcode style programming problems? (data structure and algorithms, time&space complexity, etc)
  • Take home exam or live coding round?

How did you developed your hiring process? what things you did before that turned out to be a bad idea to implement in the hiring process?

(not sure if this is the place to ask)


Hi @inigo,

Welcome to the Elixir Forum! I think you’ll find that a lot of companies that post their jobs in the forum describe their hiring process in their posts. You can find a list of all of the job posts here:

Hope this helps!

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