When will elxiir 1.14 be released to the ubuntu repo?

I see that elixir 1.14 is available, however, that latest version in the repo is not 1.14. Does anyone know the process or timeline of adding 1.14 to ubuntu repos so that it may be downloaded via apt-get

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I think you should ask ubuntu repository maintainers about this

If you want a specific version of elixir I’d advice not to use OS repos, but rather a version manager like asdf.


There is lot of options how to install it. Currently erlang 1.24 is already available, you can just.

  • install erlang with apt sudo apt install erlang
  • git clone latest elixir from elixir
  • I have it cloned inside /opt/elixir/
  • then run make clean test inside that folder
  • add export PATH="$PATH:/opt/elixir/bin" to your rc file to make it permanent (ex. ~/.bashrc, ~/.zshrc)
  • close & open shell
  • profit!

So far I have always received the latest updates from Elixir via the package manager, but elixir have not yet been updated to 1.14. That’s why I tried to download elixir from the git repository and compile it, since erlang is fortunately up to date on ubuntu 18.04.
It’s really great how easy it is to install elixir, really impressive, thank’s a lot!!