When you will or will not use Live View?


  1. When you will use Live View?
  2. When you will not use Live View?

It is interesting to know your opinion by one or both questions

What would be the alternative? Plain server rendered templates or something like React?
Anyway, I would use it for basically everything except minor JS-stuff like toggles, popovers etc.

Also, some use cases where there already are mature javascript libraries (drag drop, video players etc) I wouldn’t bother to try to build it with LiveView.

I am building an app now with liveview, the one place where I know I will not use liveview is a piece of functionality that will have to operate on an airplane in flight where clearly internet access will not be available.

How will you solve that? A traditional PWA?

Probably with some Elm code, but it is several months off so I am not sure