Where (and how) should "public" Livebooks be archived?

Livebook’s fine developers keep working on its infrastructure; apparently version 0.9 is now peeking around the corner. So, I suspect that there are at least a few Livebooks being developed on various machines (with more to come).

This makes me wonder where (and how) “public” Livebooks should be archived. I just searched hex.pm for Livebook-related packages and got 29 hits. However, only one of these (nerves_livebook) appears to be an actual Livebook; everything else looks like more infrastructure.

Meanwhile, there’s a “Show and Tell” category on GitHub, but it doesn’t have any entries. So, where is the right place to announce and/or look for public Livebooks? Should there be a special tag (e.g., public_livebook) to allow cleaner searches? Just wondering…


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Maybe this https://notes.club/


Thanks for posting that link, Hugo! The Good News is that Notesclub seems to list hundreds of Livebooks. Also, I found the search and navigation features to be fairly effective, after a bit of exploration.

The Bad News is that, like Hex.pm, Notesclub has no topical organization and the searching seems to be limited to subject lines, etc. So, finding a Livebook on a particular topic could be a real challenge.

I’m not at all sure how this problem should be resolved, but I think it needs to be addressed. As folks continue to create Livebooks and Elixir (etc) packages, finding the Right One ™ is going to become an increasing issue.

When I’m using Hex.pm, I generally use the download count as a rough measure of popularity. Maybe something like this could be added to Notesclub. Alternatively, some sort of category or keyword tagging might be worth a try…

On a related note, it might be worthwhile to harvest the names of packages brought in via Mix.install. For example, if a Livebook (or really, any Elixir offering) uses Ecto, some database magic is likely to be involved.

FWIW, I tried a couple of GitHub searches, with varying results:


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Another good news is that Notesclub is open-source, so these ideas you brought (like topical organization) can be added to the project by contributors. :blush:

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Try searching paths matching the *.livemd pattern. I got 5.1k files (I am using the new search, not sure if it matters).


Hector from notes.club here.

We have 5806 notebooks.
And download new ones from GitHub every day.
We also redownload user notebooks every week — and delete those that have been deleted.

Yet, we have (not too many) notebooks to delete.
When a user changes their username or their permissions, we don’t delete some notebooks that we should.
I just created an issue.

Also, I just replied to @Rich_Morin’s ideas on the issue he opened.

Btw, I’m more than open to new ideas and collaboration!

Edit: Sorry José, I replied to you instead of to @Rich_Morin.


It has been a few months since I posted this question, so an update may be in order. It appears that:

  • Most “public” Livebooks are archived on GitHub.
  • ~4K of these are indexed by Notesclub.
  • Almost none of these are indexed by Hex.pm.

As the number of public Livebooks grows, it will become more and more difficult to sift through them for ones of interest. Here are a couple of related GitHub issues, in case anyone is interested:


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