Where can I find Phoenix 1.7 related end-to-end sample applications?

Most of the Phoenix examples or sample applications on the web are outdated, specifically Phoenix.Component oriented functional views based end-to-end examples aren’t there.

Do you know where I can find traditional vs Liveview Phoenix 1.7.rc sample applications?

I am looking for the following Phoenix 1.7.rc based samples (blog posts or github):

  1. Todo
  2. Rumbl (Phoenix 1.4 book)
  3. ECommerce with shopping cart

I know over time these sample apps based posts will pop up on medium etc. But just wanted to find out if some brave soul out there re-wrote and published these sample apps based on the latest Phoenix 1.7.


A trick I do is to search the GitHub for public projects related with my interests. In your case, you can search GitHub by selecting in “All Github” for the following query:

phoenix 1.7.0-rc.0 language:Elixir filename:mix.exs

and preferably order by “recently indexed”. Good luck!

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I posted Part 1 of my Phoenix 1.7 tutorial here: A Brief Introduction to Phoenix and LiveView (Part 1) – Daniel Jaouen Development

Part 2 should be coming within a week (hopefully!).


Thank you for the idea!

I will update this thread, if I find a few beginner-level Phoenix 1.7.rc projects with basic steps or documentation on github.

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Thank you Daniel! I found your brief introductions (Parts 1 & 2) helpful and so bought you a coffee.

It would be great if you could publish a few more beginner-level tutorials on Phoenix 1.7 & LiveView.



Thanks so much for the support, @rafidude! I will definitely try to expand on the topic when time permits. Cheers!

Just an idea, please, try to offer a light mode as well, your web seems to be relatively simple, so a few classes for a light mode shouldn’t be a problem. :wink:

To be honest, I am just using a default Wordpress theme, and I am not too familiar with how to offer an option like that using Wordpress. However, I will try to look into it for the future. Thanks for the suggestion!