Where can I see my Postgres database?

Once postgresql is correctly installed, where can I see my database? thanks :pray:t6:

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You can either use psql command line tool and use PostgreSQL commands and SQL in it, or you can install some graphical tool, whatever you prefer.

The official graphical PostgreSQL tool is named pgAdmin3 if I recall correctly.


Thanks for the information!

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I highly recommend this graphical tool:


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If you’re on a Mac, I love Postico. Super easy to use and the free version does plenty.



I use Postico (free) all the time and it’s a great app. One annoying thing about it is it doesn’t seem to pick up a db drop, create and refresh while it has the db open. Have to restart and reconnect it seems.

Have to say for Mac I love Postico too. Also really like Postgres.app from the same company as well for a no hassle local dev db server (https://postgresapp.com/).

I really like TablePlus. Really easy to use and a clean UI.

Thank you to all of you for your recommendations! :slight_smile: