Where can one locate reputable, reliable and seasoned Elixir/Phoenix developers?

I am new to this forum and this is my first post. After doing some research I came to learn about Elixir/Phoenix and found the whole concept very interesting. I have always wanted to learn a programming language but never got around to doing it except BASIC when I was in college, you never know I might just take the plunge.

Anyway, I want to develop a website and am wondering whether there is an online resource that lists seasoned and reputable Elixir/Phoenix programmers. I would prefer to work with an experienced, dynamic and creative individual who can provide advice and help me make better decisions as opposed to someone who just converts a plan to code. In other words, I want to work with someone who has the following qualities:-

  1. Professional approach to clean coding.
  2. A good troubleshooter.
  3. Smart and dynamic - is able to provide useful input.
  4. Is accustomed to excellent UI and UX.
  5. Reasonably priced.
  6. Good time management, flexible and responsive.
  7. Can handle both client and server side stuff efficiently and effectively.
  8. Most importantly - a credible, creative, reliable and responsible Elixir expert.
  9. Excellent support: Supporting, upgrading and managing the site when required.

I guess working with a reputable individual may work out to be more reasonable from a cost point of view but I may be wrong, working with a small team/firm could be the better option.

There are some freelance Elixir programmers listed on a site called upwork.com but I thought it would be a good idea to ask members of this forum for advice.

Any input from Elixir experts and fellow forum members will be appreciated.

It’s hard to give general advice, but I would guess the only people who might be available who fit your definition would be working through a consulting company. Your number 5 is most unrealistic requirements why would any seasoned Elixir dev. offer their services for a low rate :slight_smile: ? Not being a seasoned Elixir developer it would be of interest to me to work on an Elixir/Phoenix project at a reasonably low rate for example, but that does not fit your requirements :slight_smile:.


You’re not going to find anyone good for cheap. Top talent is hard to get particularly in a language without a large job market. Top talent is well employed and busy.

I’d also argue whatever website you want to make isn’t complex enough to warrant top talent. Just go ask on job boards that you’re looking for someone who knows Phoenix and has a) developed web apps with it or similar frameworks and b) has a track record of building web apps at work or for fun (they should have something to show). You should find someone good.


Thank you for your input Andre and Sotojuan, very kind of you guys. Just to clarify, I said “reasonably priced” which should not be perceived as “cheap”. I definitely need someone who is good because I will expect excellent end-results and value for money.


You’re right Sotojuan, the website is not complex but I want it based on Elixir/Phoenix from day one so that it has the potential to scale and expand if the need arises. I would not want to compromise on talent, I would prefer a developer who is talented, creative and reasonably priced.

I might be wrong, but I think that talented and good developers can choose what project they will work on. And they choose something interesting, challenging etc. So if you want someone good, offer them them something interesting in return. It’s much easier to attract talented individuals if they know what they might be working on. Not complex sites does not need very creative and talented people to be worked on. They need good craftsman’s that know how to follow best practices :slight_smile:


To answer the question asked in the topic title: Here, probably.

The regulars on this Elixir Forum are amazing people. I would say that most of the people here posses most of the qualities you would like to see. It is an absolute joy to discuss and converse with them, and from time to time shoot code snippets and Pull Requests back and forth. Therefore, I expect that it would also be nice to work with them :slight_smile: .

Another location to post an Elixir job opening might be the elixir-radar jobs board.