Where is Phoenix and Elixir used?


Which biggest companies are using Elixir?
I found this list: https://github.com/doomspork/elixir-companies
but I do not know that companies (projects), Which project is biggest / most know ?

And same for Phoenix.


There are a few in our #your-libraries-projects:showcase section :003:

Bleacher Report snd Pinterest are two of the most well known I think…

I stumbled upon some “helper” libs from Discord yesterday.

[-] https://github.com/hammerandchisel
[-] https://github.com/hammerandchisel/manifold
[-] https://github.com/hammerandchisel/deque
[-] https://github.com/hammerandchisel/semaphore
[-] https://github.com/hammerandchisel/fastglobal
[-] https://github.com/hammerandchisel/ex_hash_ring

They don’t seem to be using phoenix, but they do use elixir.

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I found this article from 2015 explaining some of the transition Pinterest has made with Elixir. My favorite part:

Pinterest’s notification system now uses Elixir to deliver 14,000 notifications per second. The notification system runs across 15 servers, whereas the old system, written in Java, ran on 30. The new code is about one-tenth of the size of the old code.

I always love reading stuff like that.