Where is the schema file of phx.gen.schema


I am trying to follow the Phoenix 1.4.6 guide’s Ecto section. I tried to create a schema called User using “mix phx.gen.schema” followed by “mix ecto.migrate” commands. It created the migration file follwed by the actual table in the database. But I can’t seem to find the schema file.
The guide says https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix/ecto.html#the-schema that Phoenix generates the schema for us.

Here is the command output

ca-STivare-mac-2::~/workspace/kubera $ mix phx.gen.schema User users userId:string email:string phoneNumber:string firstName:string lastName:string

  • creating lib/kubera/user.ex

  • creating priv/repo/migrations/20190609213039_create_users.exs

Remember to update your repository by running migrations:

$ mix ecto.migrate

ca-STivare-mac-2::~/workspace/kubera $ mix ecto.migrate

Generated kubera app

[info] == Running 20190609213039 Kubera.Repo.Migrations.CreateUsers.change/0 forward

[info] create table users

[info] == Migrated 20190609213039 in 0.0s

ca-STivare-mac-2::~/workspace/kubera $

Is there anything I am missing?


It seems to be here…

@kokolegorille Thanks for the quick response. I found it. Earlier, I was looking in kubera_web directory.

Thanks again