Where should a dev store their LiveBooks in a Phoenix app?

This is a soft question, so please bare with me.

During the development of virtually every Phoenix app, there comes a moment where I want to try stuff out, so I open a LiveBook and connect it to a running instance of said application. In some cases, I use multiple LiveBooks to follow SoC.

Fact is, I’d like to keep those LiveBooks I use during development somewhere in the app’s directory. However, I never know where exactly to put them in a way that is conformant to OTP app folder structure. Intuitively, I believe they should go somewhere in priv, but are computing notebooks of any kind executables? Are they libraries? I think neither. Here I am referring to the official Erlang docs:

The priv directory holds assets that the application needs during runtime. Executables should reside in priv/bin and dynamically-linked libraries should reside in priv/lib. Other assets are free to reside within the priv directory but it is recommended they do so in a structured manner.

So it would fall in the “other assets” category, so it could look something like priv/livebooks. Could this make sense? What do you think?

priv is also involved with releases - do you need the livebooks to be included in production as well?

+1 for avoiding the system-relevant directories like priv/bin and priv/lib in any case.

Alternatively, what about docs/livebook?

Thank you for chiming in.

Well, it depends. For company-internal releases, then yes, definitely. For anything else, no.

docs/livebook sounds like a viable alternative, but its semantics it’s not 100% sound, since only in some cases it comes close to being documentation. I mean, this could be figured out on a case-by-case basis.

What I’ve been seeing is people just creating a /notebooks directory and putting their Livebook notebooks there.