Where to deploy elixir pet projects?

Hi. I’ve been learning elixir for a few months and I’ve created a few pet projects. And I wish to put this in a production-ish environment in hopes to improve my resume.

What service would you guys recomend I use given these aren’t enterprise apps ?
I’ve been taking a look a Heroku Hobby plan, but I’m not sure if this is really the best option.

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my real projects are on heroku - my pet projects live on a single 3€/month server at scaleway.com - also good exercise in deployment/nginx/letsencrypt for ssl etc etc.

so a small cheap VPS…

would also deploy to heroku just for practice/understanding etc.


I’m a happy user of vultr.com

I once had an issue but in 30 minutes 3 engineers responded, which was so far the greatest support experience I had on a cloud provider.

I’m using a “High Frequency Compute” VPS with NVME which starts from 6 USD and it’s really fast.
https://ipv6.party/ Check it out it’s very snappy (based in Amsterdam)


Gigalixir has a free tier, and if I remember correctly it won’t automatically force-restart your app every 24 hours like free-Heroku does.



I am experimenting with https://www.ionos.com

vps hosting starts at 2$/month… probably similar to other previously mentionned providers.

Same method as @outlog, with nginx reverse proxy in front of phoenix release.


Render looks promising.


Any free tier that can run elixir like with gigalixir or so?

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No, only static sites are free. Though you can start on the cheapest app tier without billing details.

I have an umbrella project there at the moment. Building isn’t exactly fast, at least on the cheapest tier, but the app seems to run fine. (Next to no load.)