Where to place these two template files

In lib/orif/accounts/email.ex there’s this, taken (and adapted) from a Bamboo example:

defmodule Orif.Accounts.Email do                                                                                                        
  use Bamboo.Phoenix, view: Orif.Accounts.EmailView                                                                                     
  #import Bamboo.Email                                                                                                                  
  def new_contact_email(name) do                                                                                                        
      |> from("no-reply@gmail.com")                                                                                                     
      |> to("lui@gmail.com")                                                                                                       
      |> put_html_layout({OrifWeb.EmailView, "email.html"})                                                                             
      |> subject("Welcome!")                                                                                                            
      |> assign(:name, name)                                                                                                            
      |> render("welcome_contact.html")                                                                                                 

For sake of understanding this:
If I don’t define a location, like for welcome_contact.html, where should I place it? At lib/orif_web/templates/email?

Is email.html well placed under lib/orif_web/templates/email?

Edit: This is a bamboo view not phoenix view. I think this solution wont work
To be sure you can use put_view function before render

|> put_view(OrifWeb.EmailView)
|> render("welcome_contact.html")

Maybe I can rephrase the question:

With view: Orif.Accounts.EmailView in the controller, what view is Phoenix expecting? Which name and where?

For rendering, Phoenix is expecting to render welcome_contact.html in templates/accounts/email/, right?
As I’d like not to go so deep, how to tell to search for that template in templates/email/?

You are usingbamboo so depends on their code. But if you just wonder for phoenix Orif.Accounts.Email your template path will be lib/orif_web/templates/accounts/email.

But maybe that solves your problem

use Bamboo.Phoenix, view: OrifWeb.Accounts.EmailView