Which architecture do you recommend developing with Elixir?

I will develop a project with Elixir, which architecture do you recommend?

Usually, architectures are chosen by understanding the goals and constraints of a given project. Without our having some understanding of that context the best answers you’ll get will be right or wrong for your project purely by chance.

Could you describe a little more of what you’d like your project to achieve?

Architecture is a tool to solve a problem. It is not something what comes with a technology


the architectures I mentioned are like MVC architectures

With which architecture will I write my project, for example, are there no architectures such as MVC architecture?

Architecture is a tool to solve a problem. You do not chose architecture for the language, you chose architecture as a solution to the problem.

There are a lot off different architectures in Elixir, from MVC and MVVM to event-driven or monolithic frontend and backend in single app

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PS: Then I realized you meant something else with “architecture”. However, one-sentence question only warrants one-word answer.

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Phoenix is largely unopinionated about this. You can certainly do MVC with it. I would read the Contexts Guide as that’s where the guides start to get into that kind of thing.

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A bit of an open question!

You provided zero information other than a desire to use Elixir for some unknown problem.

What kind of problem are you looking to solve?

Is it a web app?

An IoT nerves solution?

AI control system for self driving car?

A nuclear power facility control system?


Something else?

I can say quite definitively that an appropriate framework is best.