Which do you prefer Cloud run or Render for liveview deployment?

Hello. I’ve been working on deploying my liveview project on Cloud Run. It is still in progress and I’m fixing some errors.
I saw this discussion, but no one talked about Cloud Run and some other GCP services.
Do you think that it is better to use render for liveview deployment than gcp?

There is also Fly.io which is like Render but more tailored for Phoenix/LiveView


I found it very easy to get a Phoenix LiveView app up and running on Render. It’s basically a much better version of Heroku. I think they have a free tier for web services so it would be easy to try out and see how you like it before committing.


I wrote an article comparing several cloud hosting providers. I didn’t look at Cloud Run so I may add it when I update my article.

I think Fly is definitely worth considering for LiveView deployments.

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Hi! Developer Community Manager at Render here :blush: We hear this a lot (about being a better version. of Heroku), and we really put an emphasis on making deployment developer friendly. Here’s our guide to deploying Elixir. If you try it out, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the experience.

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