Which Elixir deployment platforms do you use/recommend?

Hello, I’m relatively new to Elixir and was hoping to receive some guidance and advice regarding the platforms commonly used by Elixir developers for production applications. Do you have any preferences or experiences to share about platforms such as Gigilixir, Fly.io, Heroku, AWS, GCP, or others? I’m interested in hearing both positive and negative aspects.


I commonly go with VPS or dedicated servers depending on the use case, plus object storage for uploads.

Edit: and I deploy using Docker via Co-op Cloud’s abra (a wrapper around Docker Swarm).

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I had a great experience on Gigalixir and also a great experience using docker to deploy on Fly.io.
Nothing to complain.


I’ve used Gigalixir to deploy a prototype application.

And the process was a breeze, following the documentation was enough to get the things done. And they are quick to respond if you have any concerns, feedback, etc.

I do recommend Gigalixir.


+1 for VPS. I’ve used BinaryLane because they have small, cheap VMs on the west coast of Australia, which is an area often neglected.


I go with Fly nowadays, even though I have years of experience as a DevOps specialized on AWS. Can’t bear it anymore.

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Your last sentence and profile picture fit perfectly. :003:

To OP: I used Render once and liked it but heard some bad things about it – like accounts terminated without notice, and support being hard to reach – so obviously make your own decision. For a hobby project I had zero trouble with it and it worked fine.

Not really proficient in DevOps domain but what Chris did on Fly is beautiful, the automation of the whole process is superb. :clap:

I use Render.com

They care about the UX of their product and give you a lot of things you would want from a production system in a nice package.

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