Which iOS or Android apps do you think represent the 'best' on their respective platforms - and what were they built with?



Not necessarily your favourite, but best in terms of how polished or technically ‘superior’ you feel they are. (Though feel free to mention your favourite too - just maybe mention that’s what they are.)

Just curious to see ‘good’ examples built with different Mobile Development Options :smiley:


Sync For Reddit for Android is about perfection, from the gestures, features, ease of usage, absolute speed, image handling, etc… etc… There is no other app on my phone (and I have a LOT) that is as streamlined and fast as this one, especially once you start doing more complex things and deep history.


Did you got the link wrong?


Blah, Windows keeps not taking some of my copies into the clipboard, I’m really disliking Win10… >.<
Fixed. ^.^;


Any idea what they used to build it? :slight_smile: (Is it native?)


Fully native. As I recall the author said he just uses the normal Android SDK for it all.


It’s been doing that since Windows 95, most users just assume they didn’t get the click or keystroke right, but…


This is the clock app from Android 4.4 KitKat. You can swipe to switch tabs, alarms are in a list where clicking on an item will expand it, you can add time from other locations by clicking on the bottom button, and they don’t have that odd-looking bold hour from Jelly Bean.

This is the clock app from Android 9.1 Pie. You may not like it, but this is what perfection looks like.