Which library should I use for a standard ONVIF camera control protocol?

I’m looking for some advice on which library I should use for a standard ONVIF camera control, I’ve already tried with some in rust and some in elixir native. Any experience?
I’ve used HTTPoison and the old onvif-elixir library, and in rust I’ve tried onvif-rs, but maybe there is a better one

Have you tried Rust libraries and then Elixir?
Take a look at this Rust library: GitHub - lumeohq/onvif-rs: A native Rust ONVIF client library.

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Yes, I’m just on this library now, seems promising :grinning:

Did you settle with a library?
Did you consider Volkka?

I thought I saw a command line tool to help with ONVIF discovery on Volkka’s website but I’m not finding it now.