Which linux distro are you using?


just curious which linux distro is famous for elixir devs

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Ubuntu mainly because it’s widely supported


Ditto (well the KDE variant).


ArchLinux. I briefly switched to NixOS to try it out, but like with most distros I just go back to Arch.


I am thinking to switch to Arch can you share some experience?


Arch arch arch


Looking into switching to Manjaro/KDE or Antergos/KDE.


Mostly Centos for dedicated servers. Mostly Fedora at home, running on Hyper-V. (Windows 10 machine virtualization)


Normally I’d mention that you will need to know what you’re doing, etc., but I find that ArchLinux “just works” much more consistently than Ubuntu. You should be aware that ArchLinux is best run with consistent updates and that you’ll be on the latest release of pretty much everything all the time when doing so. I’ve had only one real breakage because of this ever, so I wouldn’t say it’s a huge issue, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Use the wiki almost religiously when you’re looking into installing something and always go for using pacman first and second something like yaourt.

Beyond that it’s really about exploration and what you want on your box.


I’ve been using Antergos Linux for a few months now (on a NUC alongside my MacBook Pro running macOS) and it’s been really great. I was quite weary of using a rolling release distro, but I’ve had no issues with updating at all. Such a relief compared to Fedora, that seemed to become more unstable with every new release.

It’s really easy to get up and running (a NUC is common hardware, so everything worked out of the box as you’d expect) and most Arch Linux documentation (of which there is a lot!) is applicable to Antergos. So I definitely recommend giving it a try!


thanks will give that a shot… thanks again


Ubuntu + Unity because it supports HiDPI screens very well.


Linux Mint 18 KDE here.

We should consider making the OP a poll :slight_smile:


Need a survey to get a list of the basic types first then, probably break it up into base distro and interface too. ^.^


Arch/Antergos for me. I have never enjoyed an OS as much as with them. Arch wiki solved 99% of all issues I have had. And is one of the main reasons along with stability, control and rolling releases.


Bash on Ubuntu on Windows




I am using CentOS, RedHat, Oracle Linux.


Fedora 25 at home.

My server are trying to stay out of linux.


Ubuntu 16.04 with i3 desktop (best tiling wm!)