Which VSCode extension is recommended to be used with Elixir 1.6?

I’m using VSCode for Elixir (Phoenix) development. I was using the Extension named vscode-elixir, but yesterday I read somewhere in the forum that with Elixir 1.6 another extension named ElixirLS works better, so I installed ElixirLS and disabled vscode-elixir. It worked great for a while, but today when I opened the editor, the Intellisense isn’t working correctly. Should I revert back to vscode-elixir extension? Is anyone else facing the same problem with ElixirLS extension?


Did you try changing this on your settings?

"[elixir]": {
   "editor.quickSuggestions": true

It’s been disabled by default on v0.2.8. (I don’t get the reasoning though)


Have you checked that the project compiles without issue and that you get error reporting on obvious errors when you save? If it can’t compile the project it’ll silently just not give you anything, as far as I can remember.

The project compiled correctly, I also changed quickSuggestions to true as @rkma suggested.

If all else fails, try looking how many instances of the language server are running and kill them all then restart vs code and see if the server restarts.

This helped once before. Just run ps -ef | grep elixir and see which process runs the language server.