Which WebAuthn libraries do you recommend?

I’ve seen some libraries WebAuthn elixir libraries like WAX_ and was wondering if any of them are production ready and if any are being used in production today. Looking to implement a webauthn server and was hoping to use Elixir the expected load.

Thanks! :smiley:



I’m the author of Wax :smiley: As far as I can see Wax is used, whenever there’s a problem (such as changing certificate) an issue pops up on the issue tracker. But people might be reluctant to publicly talk about it because of the sensitivity of the topic.

Wax is pretty complete and finished. I’m just not ready to make it 1.0 yet because it’s a complicated protocol and Wax has not been thoroughly reviewed by any other person. Hopefully that’ll be you!

If you want to create a full-fledge server, you can take a look at wax_api_rest if you pan to interact with javascript. If you plan to integrate it within a Phoenix application, well unfortunately there’s no Phoenix Component for it yet (I’d glad to assist anyone interested in developing it though!). There’s an experimental Liveview one: webauthn_components.