Whistle, running an Elm(ish) architecture in the server



Hello everyone,

I just published an article detailing how to use Whistle, a library similar to LiveView that borrows concepts from Elm. It lets you make interactive web apps entirely in Elixir, with a very simple API.

The project is not complete yet but I am posting this with hopes of getting some early feedback!

Here is the Article.

Phoenix LiveView Info

I didn’t read the whole post yet, but it seems so interesting!


Given the interest in LiveView, I’m surprised this doesn’t get more attention. Thanks for writing the article, when can we play around with Whistle? :slight_smile:


I was searching for a js alternative and found Elm. I dropped Elm as the project grew and I could not get it to scale gracefully. Weather it was me or the language I’m unsure of but the combo was not a good one.

There were however things that I really liked. Especially the sort of data driven update loop. I even had a stab at it myself but it never really left the proof of concept stage.

The data update loop paired with elixir is interesting indeed.


Thanks :slight_smile: Most of the features I had in mind for a public release are now finished, just writing some much needed docs now.