Who are the core team members?

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I noticed that one of the most efficient ways for me to learn is to keep up with what trusted names in the community are doing. This can mean anything from following these people on Medium, Twitter, or just making sure I take some time to watch their talks at various conferences. (That last one is probably one of the most efficient ways to learn).

To that end, I was wondering if there was an easy way to figure out who the current core team members of certain projects are - Elixir, Phoenix Framework, Ecto, etc.

I noticed that the Rails folks have such a list, and I think it’s a good idea. (Right now I’ve resorted to looking at contributions to a project via GitHub - not great).


We have an Elixir Core Team group here on EF:


We also have one for the Phoenix Core Team and Ecto Core Team - though I am not sure every core team member of each of those is a member here.

(We also have titles for core team members of other useful libraries like deployment tools, as well as for book authors - we are in the process of expanding our titles).


@AstonJ regarding titles, Michal is incorrectly credited as Creator of Ecto, having Eric and Jose contributing even 2 years before Michal’s first constribution.
source: https://github.com/elixir-ecto/ecto/graphs/contributors

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He should be listed as an Ecto-Core-Team member :slight_smile:

I’ve added Eric and José to that group too (and José to the Phoenix Core Team group) - I think that all three groups are complete now(?) :003:

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oh. you are right. great


Do all three groups looks complete to you now @eksperimental?

based on http://elixirconf.com/2016/speakers.html
Jason Stiebs (https://github.com/jeregrine) and
Gary Rennie (https://github.com/Gazler) are part of Phoenix core team.
I don’t know if they are members of EF.

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Awesome, added both @Gazler and @jeregrine to the Phoenix Core Team group :023:

@chrismccord can you let us know if anyone is missing please?



Thanks for taking the time to keep this list up-to-date!!

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