Why did Phoenix stop using Earthly for every CI job?

I’ve noticed that Phoenix has shifted from using Earthly for running the entire CI tests to using it only for the integration tests, with the rest of the CI jobs now running in standard GitHub CI workflows.

This PR did the change: Reserve earthly for integration only by josevalim · Pull Request #4964 · phoenixframework/phoenix · GitHub

I’m interested to know why this change was made but couldn’t find any information. Was it because of performance improvements? Better maintainability? Something else?


I personally find Earthly great when you have external dependencies (such as a database), which is not the case for the regular mix test. So I thought it makes sense to not require it there.


Oh of course! That’s a ver reasonable change.

I asked because we are using Earthly as well and I was surprised to see it go at least for part of the tests. Didn’t notice that those tests don’t require any external dependency, which makes perfect sense.