Why I am not able to use "--no-assets" to create phoenix project in mac terminal?

I am using Elixir 1.13.4 (compiled with Erlang/OTP 24) and when I type mix help phx.new it shows

mix phx.new ~/Workspace/hello_world --no-html --no-webpack on terminal, but some one use
mix phx.new ~/Workspace/hello_world --no-html --no-assets to create projects, why it not shows --no-assets in my terminal?

It depends on the phx.new version You are using…

Checkout this doc.


You can also check with…

mix archive
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I am using last elixir version, I guess --no-webpack deprecated for new version

Well, that does not tell me which phx.new version You are using…

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I wrote that in the question

Sorry, but I am not sure where You put this phx.new version…

sorry I miss understand, phx.new version is: Phoenix v1.4.16

And now You know the reason why… You are using an outdated version of phx.new.

yes sure , I update by mix archive.install hex phx_new, to Phoenix installer v1.6.6, tnx so much

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