Why is gen_server:send_request/2 not a part of GenServer?

I wonder why gen_server:send_request/2 and others RequestId functions are not a part of Elixir’s GenServer module?

That is why.

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Could you say more? I noticed there were some deprecations around super but nothing specifically around send_request/2.

send_request was introduced at OTP 23, but Elixir 1.13 still supports OTP 22, exporting this function will cause problem for people who uses OTP 22 with Elixir 1.13, making it incompatible

Elixir version Supported Erlang/OTP versions
1.13 22 - 24

When the minimum version is raised then Elixir can support it, that is also why there is no additional functions introduced at OTP 24. You can of course, call them directly