Why is Mean Squared Error referenced in the Loop.metric example but does not exist in Axon.Metrics?

I was reading the Axon.Loop.metric/5 documentation (Axon.Loop — Axon v0.5.1) and it references :mean_squared_error

|> Axon.Loop.metric(:mean_squared_error, "Error") # Will be overwritten
|> Axon.Loop.metric(:mean_absolute_error, "Error") # Will be used

It stood out because I remember the metric should be:

metric must be an atom which matches the name of a metric in Axon.Metrics, or an arbitrary function which returns a tensor or container.

And it does not exist in Axon.Metrics. I’m assuming :mean_squared_error was not an arbitrary function otherwise it would have been written like :custom_metric (or similar). So, just wondering if maybe it was lost or deliberately removed?

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Please open up an issue? As this at least requires a documentation patch. :slight_smile:

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