Why is there no Task.async/2?

I would like to pass in arguments to the function I pass into Task.async, but there’s no Task.async/2. Why is this?

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The idiom is to simply create a new anonymous function which uses the arguments captured in the closure - and pass that to Task.async.

task = Task.async(fn -> do_some_work(arg1,arg2,arg3) end)

Task.Async/3 simply follows the Module/Function/Arguments (mfa) convention of Kernel.apply/3 - but the “function” is an atom representing the function name rather than an actual function.

Kernel.apply/2 is primarily used in situations where the intention is to use the same (configurable) function with different arguments.

When you are spawning a task you are expected to bring together the function and arguments you need - so it makes sense to combine them in an anonymous function.