Will LiveView Native add support for Windows?

I have been reading a little bit about Native and I found the support page:

I see that Windows is not present. Does the team behind Native have any plans to add Windows Desktop support?

If so, how will this impact other elixir projects, like Elixir Desktop?

Will it replace it, or work in conjunction with it?

Yes, I’ve seen mentions of implementing WinUI3 in the future, for example at LiveView Native Weekly Update #1 - DockYard

This is interesting.

  • Will the release create .exe files ?
  • Will it have to be compiled in a Windows machine for it to run on Windows?
  • Will the release have the entire BEAM VM or will the client machine require additional libraries to run the LV Native application?

Do you know where I can redirect these questions or learn more about this? (other than the dockyard blogs)

@bcardarella can prob give you more authoritative responses.

I assume so

That’s not how LiveView Native works, the BEAM runs on your back-end webserver which serves the your app views. Though there’s talk about optionally integrating with the Elixir Desktop project for apps that need offline support.

Not sure

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I believe Brian has said that he’s expecting Windows support to be contributed by an interested party, not necessarily by the core group that are currently doing the apple and android support.

LiveViewNative architecture is much closer to a traditional website.

“Runtime” Language UI Tooling
Browser HTML/JS e.g. Tailwind UI
Native Swift Swift UI
Native Kotlin Jetpack
Native C# WinUI3

The lines are blury, but something like that.

None of these work without a server, even for LV Native. That server might at some point ship with the native app using elixir-desktop technology though.

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So I understand from this discussion that Elixir Desktop would not be replaced by LV Native, correct?

Or perhaps it is to soon to say, given the project is still very young?

We intend to build a WinUI3 client.