Win a copy of Programming Elixir by Dave Thomas from DailyDrip

Hey folks!

We (DailyDrip) are giving away 5 copies of Programming Elixir. If you want to win it or know someone you want to trick into learning elixir and being super productive, here’s the link:



I got a question, if I win but I live offshore could I get the ebook instead of the physical copy? Thanks for the giveaway.

Yes, and this question made me realize that the contest site wasn’t clear on that point. It’s actually all anyone can win because the print versions of the book are out of print and the 1.3 version is out in ebook beta. I’ve updated the contest text to make it clear that this is an ebook.

Thanks for asking, and I hope I didn’t cause anyone confusion by failing to mention that. I knew the e-book was basically all anyone could get, and forgot to mention it :-\

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