Win a FREE ticket to Code Beam STO!

The Erlang User Conference (EUC) has been rebranded as Code BEAM STO and to help with the launch, we are giving away a free ticket!

With 50+ speakers across two-days, it is a multi-track conference covering Elixir, Erlang and other BEAM languages. It focuses on real-world applications of BEAM languages, concurrency, distributed computing and scalability. It strives to bring together people passionate about the Erlang Ecosystem and high-performance, massively scalable distributed systems. Attendees are also able to attend a free day of tutorials on the day before the conference, 30 May.

Date and time:

Thu, 31 May, 08:00 –
Fri, 1 Jun 2018, 18:30 CEST


Münchenbryggeriet Events & Conferences, 2 Torkel Knutssonsgatan, 118 25 Södermalm, Sweden.

How to enter:

Just tell us which 2 talks you’d most like to see and why at Code BEAM STO (be as witty or serious as you like!) and a member of the Code Sync team will pick their favourite in a week’s time.

Further info:

For more info and to see which talks will be taking place - check out the site:


I don’t usually plan which talks to attend at conferences up front. I skim through the list, note interesting titles, but for most slots I only decide right before the talk.

Not this time. I haven’t been to an “Erlang conference” yet. I have only attended a couple ElixirConfs in Europe. Therefore the topics of Code BEAM STO 2018 were a bit more out of the box, but interesting all the same.

In fact, it’s very difficult for me to decide. There are so many good talks. But I can choose only 2, so here they are:

  1. From the cathedral to the bazaar - 20 years as open source – INGELA ANDERTON ANDIN
  2. Expressive power on the BEAM – JOSEPH YIASEMIDES

Others I will probably attend if given the chance:

Optimizing for the BEAM – MICHAL MUSKALA
The quest for the best IDE – CSABA HOCH
Making It Lazy: never evaluate anything more than once – SIMON THOMPSON
Erlang in the sky with diamonds – TORBEN HOFFMANN (will have to watch this from recording as it shares the time slot with “Expressive power on the BEAM”)
What are poll sets and why they matter – PÉTER GÖMÖRI
How to choose which company to start or join and what to expect during different kinds of tech startup lifetimes – JANE WALERUD
Stateful webhooks: what are they good for? – NATHAN HERALD
What do you mean I have to secure this thing? – CHAD GIBBONS
Thin layer or how to connect it all – PAWEL ANTEMIJCZUK
Crypto + concurrency – ANNA NEYZBERG
Aeternity smart contracts – ERIK STENMAN and TOBIAS LINDAHL
How Elixir helped us change Ukrainian healthcare system – ALEX TROUSH
Gen_statem - the tool you never knew you always wanted – RAIMO NISKANEN