Windows installer error for 1.11.2

There is an error here: 1.11.2 is missing


It’s not the installer, but (which is the source for this screen) is missing the latest release.

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To be clear it’s not missing, but just incorrectly named:


@CharlesO You can just install latest as name in csv would not cause any problems in your Elixir setup.

not quite sure I follow this.

You know the installer installs to windows/temp

You want me to locate the random temp-path, then download elixir.csv to that location?

… okay

Sounds like simply selecting the top most version will get you 1.11.2 even though it’s incorrectly labeled as 1.11.1.

and the installation fails… if you use that version

Do you have any error message?

Thanks, I have fixed it on master.