Woot Woot. My first open source contribution just got merged! View it now at hex.pm

My very first open source contribution was just approved and merged today. It wasn’t a big one or anything, but is my first. You can view it now on hex.pm. Notice the default sort method?

To get an idea of the benefits of the feature, do a search for “yaml”. Sort the results by total downloads, and then again by recent downloads. Notice the spots change between file_system and exfswatch. file_system has less total downloads than exfswatch, but more recent downloads. This can be an indicator that the community is starting to use a different package for certain features.

Thanks @ericmj for working with me, the tips, and allowing me to work the feature .


https://github.com/hexpm/hexpm/pull/566 For anyone that is interested in the details.


fantastic! congratulations.


Nice one @jeramyRR :023:

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That’s something awesome, and for sure it needs to be celebrated! Congrats @jeramyRR

Take care not to get addicted to it! :lol:

Kidding, it’s a good addiction to have!! Just not forget to always give the love we see on this picture to your family… :wink: