Workbench (MySQL) to Ecto Schema

Is there an workbench equivalente converte from GUI to an Ecto Schema in order to visualize the relationships of tables

I don’t know if there’s a straightforward way yet. Usually I only use Workbench for modelling and create the schema through mix or by hand.

AFAIK, the steps would be to export the Workbench model as an SQL file and parse it to generate the schema. I remember trying that long ago but gave up halfway, sadly I can’t remember why.

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Nowadays you don’t use workbench right?

I was looking at a while ago when I was using Doctrine, might be able to create (or find) an adapter for Ecto

Workbench, or any modelling tools in general? What do you use, then?

I still see it as a great tool to help with the DB design phase. It gives a birds-eye view of your DB structure visually, something that I don’t think can be achieved by using only migrations or schema.

That’s true, it is necessary!

Hi, I found this thread via Google and just wanted to mention that I have talked to the Skipper team about an Ecto adapter. They are interested, but need test models and some assistance in the development. As a Symfony/PHP developer (using Skipper18 and) sniffing at Elixir/Phoenix, I can not provide this. At least at this stage. So if anyone else is in a situation where they can provide this, it would be awesome. If not, I will talk to them sometime in the future, when I have had the time to familiarise myself with Elixir.

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