Working Example and Tutorial: Phoenix + docker + edeliver + distillery

I’ve created a complete working example and simple tutorial that should help anyone trying to develop a Phoenix app using a Mac, and deploy to some flavor of Linux.
This approach uses docker + edeliver + distillery to build and deploy Phoenix releases and updates.

The code and step-by-step tutorial is available on github.

This explains how to develop on a Mac, create releases for Ubuntu 16.04 (or any other flavor) using docker, and to deploy to Ubuntu with edeliver.

I hope this helps other trying to setup and use a similar config.




:edeliver >= 1.6.0
:distillery ~> 2.0
:phoenix ~> 1.3.4

The following configs can be used:
edeliver config


thank you very much @sarat1669.

since I am new to docker, could please tell me what commands I need to run in oder to build and run the docker container?

For anyone interested, I’ve forked @appdojo’s repository and added a couple of updates:

It’s got @sarat1669’s updated config files, some updated dependencies, and a couple of adjustments to the README.

I’ve tested the Docker stuff, but haven’t been able to test the eDeliver builds (yet). Let me know if there’s anything there that needs fixing.

Here’s the link on GitHub.

Hope this helps someone!