Working Example and Tutorial: Phoenix + docker + edeliver + distillery



I’ve created a complete working example and simple tutorial that should help anyone trying to develop a Phoenix app using a Mac, and deploy to some flavor of Linux.
This approach uses docker + edeliver + distillery to build and deploy Phoenix releases and updates.

The code and step-by-step tutorial is available on github.

This explains how to develop on a Mac, create releases for Ubuntu 16.04 (or any other flavor) using docker, and to deploy to Ubuntu with edeliver.

I hope this helps other trying to setup and use a similar config.


A Beginner's Guide To Deployment with Edeliver and Distillery


:edeliver >= 1.6.0
:distillery ~> 2.0
:phoenix ~> 1.3.4

The following configs can be used:
edeliver config


thank you very much @sarat1669.

since I am new to docker, could please tell me what commands I need to run in oder to build and run the docker container?