Would love to start an Elixir Meetup group in Orange County, California, USA area. Any pointers?

I think I head in the last ThinkingElixir podcast that one of the host there is involved in a local Elixir Meetup group.

In Orange County, California, there are Python meetups, Kafka meetups, Arduino/RaspberryPi meetups, but no Elixir yet.

Would love to try starting one, but I’m not quite sure what would be the most interactive approach to this.

I mean honestly I love watching the talks in ElixirConf, but I’d be bored out of my mind looking at slides in Zoom. I’d also be afraid of cutting people off and asking questions in presentations.

Building something together might be pretty fun.

I dunno, just thought I’d ask here - what would be a good way to start one?


Do you work with or know any other Elixir developers in the area already?

no :frowning: my company is remote

That would be one step. Let’s find you two more people, and then you can have a meetup together. How big of a geographic range would it be for? Do you know other companies that use Elixir?

Another step is to find the closest meetup nearby. I don’t know California but I’ll check a map.

Hi! Great job for taking the initiative!

I’d take the following steps:

  • create a meetup event (or, something to organize it if you’d like. This is not necessary, but I know folks that used this approach)
  • submit an event here: Erlang Ecosystem Foundation - Supporting the BEAM community
  • create a channel on Elixir Slack for your location/meetup. For example, there is the #chicago channel and when there were meetups in person folks would start conversations there about it.
  • let folks in Slack know about it
  • maybe send a tweet about it with #myelixirstatus
  • offer an option of joining remotely, as you said it yourself, lots of folks are remote these days. In person, but remote inclusive seems like the best way to go about these events. Tangentially, I like this to be the case in a company too :slight_smile: :heart: Remote is :heart:

Hope this helps! Good luck, please keep us posted!


How far are you from LA, @mekusigjinn? There is an Elixir community in LA.

Edit, there are folks in the Elixir slack’s LA channel. They said that Weedmaps in Irvine previously held meetups. Maybe you can reach out to engineers there.

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oh awesome! I’ll talk around the Elixir slack channel. Thanks!

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