Wouldn't be great if this guidelines were encoded in a Text Editor?

Hello there all!

While I continue digging into the Elixir/Phoenix world (I’ve just reach the Processes topic in the main learning guides.

I’ve found the following resource about secure code guidelines at Secure Coding Recommendations | EEF Security WG and I asked myself the following:
Wouldn’t be great to have this sort of knowledge embedded in some editor supporting Elixir so when the programmer is writing code the system warns about the possibility of not following the depicted recommendations? That way our brains would have that space to store some other information, of course knowledge will reside on the machines. And philosophers will start asking: What’s a human without the machine?

And by the way I continue to be unemployed if someone over here can lead me to the right direction on how to implement such a thing I am all in, or if you guys need help in some other task at hand? Maybe some open source (Elixir/Phoenix related) you care the most that is longing for some extra hands?

Other than that, I will continue scrapping here and there.



Sounds like the job of static code analysis tools – have you checked out Credo?

Here’s an existing credo check for unsafe_to_atom that corresponds to the guideline for Preventing atom exhaustion | EEF Security WG.


How cool is that?
Thanks for the link buddy!