Wow! Pragmatic Programmers now on Medium

I got an email this morning letting me know that Pragmatic Programmers has put all of their books on This includes a bunch of Elixir books (Programming Elixir, Programming Phoenix, Functional Web Dev with Elixir and Phoenix, etc)

Check it out: Directory of Pragmatic Programmer Books on Medium | by The Pragmatic Programmers | The Pragmatic Programmers | Jan, 2021 | Medium


Note that access does require a Medium membership…

No no, it’s totally legit. I’ll forward you the email from Medium. And yes, it’s the full books, converted to Medium articles.

I don’t know how to forward an email to you so here is a screenshot of the email. By all means, check with PragProg. It would be incredibly ballsy of Medium to send out an email promoting a collaboration with PragProg without actually having their permission. :slight_smile:

That’s a very generous gift by Pragprog to boost the adoption of our beloved language.
If you find these books useful, please consider purchasing them anyway to support the authors.


Nice to see PragProg branching out into different formats :023:

You’ll need a Medium monthly/annual subscription for full access and it’s not all of their books (no beta’s and time-delayed for others). The format is different too so afaik it’s not exactly like the books you buy in print or directly from PragProg, but more geared towards Medium users and their style of format (great if you’re already a medium subscriber and like their format) :smiley:

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It is a great way to read a few chapters to see if you like it. Even with the free tier (which I am on) you can read a few premium articles per month. Then if you really like the book, you can buy it from PragProg. I prefer to have the book off-line on my computers/tabliets to read.


This is exactly the move for me, too.

And if you cite their medium link it will look like this with onebox:

Couple of suggestions to Prag Prog:

  • Add an icon, such as the book cover, right now there isn’t any.
  • Make it clear it is a chapter of a book, and the book is published by prag prog.
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