Wrapping a macro of a dependency - best way

Hi folks,

I was looking to wrap a macro and read a lot of posts here and elsewhere but none seemed to really help me, as they often focussed on wrapping your own macro and I wanted to wrap an existing macro I had no access to, but couldn’t use their solutions as they often adjusted “the macro to be wrapped” or put the functionality in a function to call.

I found a solution myself using Macro.expand_once and it works and is in prod and is nice, but I was wondering if anyone has a better idea or if there’s anything wrong with the solution? Partially, as I didn’t find it online easily I wanted to do a quick blog about it and for that I wanted to also check if I’m missing anything.

Off to the macro:

  defmacro function_from_file(kind, name, file_name, arguments) do
      quote do
          engine: Phoenix.HTML.Engine

as you can see, the intent is just wrapping EEx.function_from_file/5 with pre defined options and easier path access.

Also, as I usually avoid macros until I can’t any more my macro knowledge isn’t super high :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!