Writing a concise e-book on solutions to common issues found in LiveView, would love to hear of any specific problems you may have

I’m in the process of writing a self-published ebook about LiveView solutions to common indiedeveloper problems. I’m a full-stack engineer and technical lead, and have been working professionally with Elixir for 4 years (and LiveView for 2-3 ever since it was first available). You may have seen some of my blog posts here or posted in the community before.

I wanted to reach out because I’ve just launched the landing page for The Phoenix LiveView Cookbook, a 40~ page ebook I’m writing to help Elixir developers implement some of the commonly tackled problems with Phoenix LiveView.

Some of the content revolves around:

  • LiveView testing

  • LiveComponent Testing

  • JS Interop

  • Serverside ↔ Frontend animations and interactions

  • How to implement commonly found patterns in other languages

I’d love to hear if there is anything specific you want to see mentioned in the book or topics you’d want to see covered with a book like this. Open to any questions you might have also.



Nice initiative, good luck with your writings!

Some ideas:

  • How and where to apply authorization with LiveView (in the contexts, as plug-based authorization won’t cut it, with LV)
  • How to choose an authentication method, user management strategy, session management, etc. (with phx.gen.auth, ueberauth, pow, guardian, or any combination according to the requirements). Explaining the possibilities and playing field regarding these libraries would have helped me a lot.