Wrong warnings on "undefined" routes

I created a LiveView project and generated authentication with phx.gen.auth, I didn’t change any part of the auth code. Despite that, anytime I run the project, I get several warnings on the terminal saying there is no route path matching X (X being a ~p route that phx.gen.auth generated) even though they are defined, for example, on the terminal I get:

warning: no route path for CabinetWeb.Router matches "/users/log_in"

But on my router.ex I have:

  scope "/", CabinetWeb do
    pipe_through [:browser, :redirect_if_user_is_authenticated]

    live_session :redirect_if_user_is_authenticated,
      on_mount: [{CabinetWeb.UserAuth, :redirect_if_user_is_authenticated}] do
      live "/users/register", UserRegistrationLive, :new
      live "/users/log_in", UserLoginLive, :new
      live "/users/reset_password", UserForgotPasswordLive, :new
      live "/users/reset_password/:token", UserResetPasswordLive, :edit

    post "/users/log_in", UserSessionController, :create