Wrote my 'year in review' for Elixir

I’m incredibly rusty at writing though so cant tell if this is helpful… however if anyone wants to take a quick look and let me know if it is in fact… I’ll be eternally grateful and edit+publish it to medium or something.

Here it is posted to my elixir based site (makes sense right):



That was a nice read. The only suggestion I would make is that you could break that up into a few posts and go a little deeper. You could write whole articles on creating the Sphinx integration, your Reddit clone (Smiley’s Pub), general GenServer stuff and your experience with Flow. You could even write about introducing Elixir into your workplace.

Actually, it sounds like I’ve just told you to write a full book haha. Seriously though, I love reading peoples experience with programming languages.


well if your asking for more rather than less I’m happy, so there’s that. Appreciate the feedback… I could use the practice too so maybe I will do that and look at the review summary afterward

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I would recommend breaking up your big paragraphs a bit more. It’s always a good idea to do so, but it’s a doubly good idea when writing on something that looks like Reddit.