:wx.demo() - notificationMessage

Elixir 1.12.3, Erlang 24, Windows 10

I’m trying run the ‘notificationMessage’ Example of ‘:wx.demo()’ (Frontend: wx-2.1, Backend: wxWidgets- The display of the buttons is ok. But when I click one of the buttons, no message is shown. Instead only the ‘^’ character blinks shortly in the system area of the Windows 10 taskbar. There are no signs of a notification whatsoever.
Any idea what’s wrong?

You may find some inspiration here:

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Thanks for the tip! But the wx.demo code that comes with Elixir/Erlang contains perfectly valid Erlang code that can easily be replicated in Elixir: And I really would like to know why this code isn’t showing notifications.
All the other examples in wx.demo work flawlessly.

Sorry I assumed you wanted to display notifications more generally. The demo Works On My Machine :tm:.
Have you looked into your notification settings? If I turn them off I get the same experience as you.


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In addition to checking your notification settings, which Erlang installation did you use? I just tried the official 24.1 build from erlang.org and there it works fine: https://erlang.org/download/otp_win64_24.1.exe

Thank you very much!
This did it!
My notifications were switched off.